Séminaire Mohamed CHETOUANI, Jeudi 26 mai 2016, 13h30, LORIA

Le séminaire iPAC du 31 mars 2016 aura lieu dans l'Amphi du LORIA (Nancy) à 13h30.

Orateur: Mohamed CHETOUANI, Prof, Prof. UPMC, Paris.

Titre : Learning interpersonal human-robot interaction

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Résumé :
One of the most significant challenges in robotics is to achieve closer interactions between humans and robots. Mutual behaviors occurring during interpersonal interaction provide unique insights into the complexities of the processes underlying human-robot coordination. In particular, interpersonal interaction, the process by which two or more people exchange information through verbal (what is said) and non-verbal (how it is said) messages could be exploited to both establish interaction and inform about the quality of interaction.

In this talk, we will report our recent works on social learning for (i) detecting individual traits such as pathology and identity during human-robot interaction, (ii) task learning from unlabeled teaching signals. We will also describe how these frameworks could be employed to investigate coordination mechanisms and in particular when it comes to pathologies such as autism spectrum disorders.

A propos de Mohamed CHETOUANI :
Mohamed Chetouani is the head of the IMI2S (Interaction, Multimodal Integration and Social Signal) research group at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (CNRS UMR 7222), University Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris 6. He received the M.S. degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems from the UPMC, Paris, 2001. He received the PhD degree in Speech Signal Processing from the same university in 2004. In 2005, he was an invited Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of Stirling (UK). Prof. Chetouani was also an invited researcher at the Signal Processing Group of Escola Universitaria Politecnica de Mataro, Barcelona (Spain). He is currently a Full Professor in Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning at the UPMC. His research activities, performed at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics, cover the areas of social signal processing and personal robotics through non-linear signal processing, feature extraction, pattern classification and machine learning. He is also the co-chairman of the French Working Group on Human-Robots/Systems Interaction (GDR Robotique CNRS) and a Deputy Coordinator of the Topic Group on Natural Interaction with Social Robots (euRobotics). He is the Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Excellence SMART Human/Machine/Human Interactions In The Digital Society.